Gewgaws and Doodads 2012-11-16 00:55:46
Gewgaws and Doodads
  • Changed Octavia's $time to produce the unix timestamp instead of the frivolous PHP date("r"), which was basically the same as Octavia's now(), only with slightly less flexibility.

  • New extensions for lexical functions (think levenshtein distance), pretty date functions.

  • Finished feeds extension. It can now stuff an RSS entry into a virtual Cadre entry and apply a Cadre template to those virtual entries. There are some abstract methods for hypothetically working with other external sources as well, if a backend can be written. The results are used on for Tumblr blog display.

  • page_list() now takes an optional second parameter which adds title-text to the links to hint at their first and last elements. 0: no tips, 1: entry titles, 2: entry dates. If unspecified, 1 is assumed. This is a little DB-heavy, though, so there are certainly going to always be many applications where disabling it would be desired.

  • helper.php has grown somewhat; templates have become more advanced in mode display. Considering changing the basic [show modes: ...] syntax to be per-permission (edit modes, read modes, direct modes, activate modes, comment modes) to bypass current/bad "hide edit mode, etc" hacks.
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