2017 Tweaks 2017-04-10 13:53:43
2017 Tweaks
Things have been slower this year so far, but changes do still happen. Version 53 of Octavia adds array appending overloading to the & operator, e.g.:

a = list("b");
c = list("d");
a &= c; // now list("b", "d");
a = c & a; // now list("d", "b", "d");
Other recent changes have added a live data display to the lists.star edit page view, fixes to multi-option query() calls, improvements to handling of various page calls for anonymous users, and related improvements to the registration process. split() now also defaults to assuming the intended separator is a linebreak if only one argument is provided.

The query() call change is particularly worth mentioning; in the normal query() syntax

query(name, page_size, sorting, [field, value,] ...

value can now be a list() of multiple arguments, which are ORed together. This makes it easy to, for example, search for entries that match a set of 'safe' templates, or mix together the children of several different pages.
Cadre News comment · 2 years ago